OnlyFans model arrested and jail because of killing 

OnlyFans model arrested and jailed because of killing 

A model for OnlyFans was sentenced to life in jail for killing her ex-boyfriend by stabbing him in the heart with a kitchen knife.

OnlyFans model arrested and Jail because of killing her ex-boyfriend

After Bradley Lewis, 22, broke their relationship earlier in the day, Abigail White, 24, stabbed him at their house in Kingswood, close to Bristol.

She first denied stabbing him on March 25, but she eventually confessed to manslaughter.

Before White is qualified for parole, she must serve a minimum of 18 years.

She said that Mr. Lewis had been controlling the money she earned while working on the online streaming platform OnlyFans, where users can purchase and sell content. She made £50,000 in one year.

Their relationship was strained, the jury was told, and Mr. Lewis had moved out of the house and was staying with his mother at the time.
Steve Lewis, the father of Mr. Lewis, stated following the sentence that he did not believe “we have received justice since we now have a life sentence.”

OnlyFans model arrested and jail because of killing 

Brad’s loss “has brought so much pain to the many people that knew him,” he stated, in addition to his family.
We are lucky, in a way, to have had and continue to receive overwhelming support from everyone who knew Brad or knew us, and I thank them for that.

After thanking the police and social services for their aid, he concluded, “Brad would say ‘that’s enough dad, stop going on,’ to which I would reply ‘that’s my child.

The court heard that Mr. Lewis had been stabbed in the arm in the days before White’s killed him. On another occasion, he called a friend and begged for help, saying, “Help me, Sophie, she’s trying to kill me, she’s trying to stab me, she keeps beating me up, she’s hurting me.”

He had one fatal wound to the chest that had penetrated his heart and was at least 7 cm deep, according to a post-mortem study.

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On the day of the assault, he told White in a park that he no longer wanted to be with her.

They later met with friends at a bar, where White sparked a brawl with a few of the drinkers.
White flung her drink over a man at the pub after consuming a bottle of wine, several other drinks, and a little amount of cocaine, according to the testimony given in court.

Minutes after they got home, she attacked Mr. Lewis, who had just left the pub with White.

When a neighbor heard White screaming, she dialed 999, and when the operator arrived, she saw Mr. Lewis on the kitchen floor.

OnlyFans model arrested and jail because of killing 

The court heard that White informed her neighbor, Mr. Lewis, that he had hurt himself.

The model then called a friend and again claimed that Mr. Lewis was the one who had stabbed the person, as well as the police.

White later acknowledged stabbing him.

She said in court that her main goal in using the knife on Mr. Lewis was to “shock and intimidate” him.

He was pushing me when we were arguing in the hallway.

Added White, “The knife was on the side when I entered the kitchen.

“Taking it in hand, I faced Brad after turning. I walked up to him hoping to scare or startle him, but before I knew it, I had stabbed him.”

She told the jurors, “I grabbed up the knife in rage and upset, but I didn’t plan to hurt him or kill him.

White admitted lying after stabbing Mr. Lewis, but she argued that she did not do it to protect herself.

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