Portugal vs Uruguay

Portugal vs Uruguay: Pitch invader with rainbow flag interrupts World Cup match

Portugal vs Uruguay: A pitch invader who was carrying a rainbow flag on the field at the Lusail Iconic Stadium on Monday briefly halted the Portugal vs. Uruguay World Cup match..

Portugal vs Uruguay: Pitch invader with rainbow flag interrupts World Cup match

The pitch invader was not shown on the FIFA global broadcast feed, but security personnel could be seen chasing after the person as they ran on the field while trailing the flag.
Portugal won the match 2-0 and advanced the European team to the knockout stages thanks to two goals from Bruno Fernandes in the second half.

The pitch intruder incident happened in the 51st minute of play. Later, it was noticed that Iranian referee Alireza Faghani was taking the flag from the ground.

The flag carrier was seen on camera by Getty Images wearing a shirt with the words “SAVE UKRAINE” and “RESPECT FOR IRANIAN WOMAN” on the front and back, respectively.

In an effort to learn more about the incident, CNN has contacted FIFA and the Qatar tournament’s organizers.

Portugal vs Uruguay:

Iran’s World Cup participation has taken place against the backdrop of internal unrest in the country, which it will face on Tuesday in a Group B encounter against the US Men’s National Team.

Ukraine was invaded by Russia on February 24. According to Ukrainian officials, after a recent series of strikes by Russian forces on Ukraine’s power infrastructure, more than seven million people were left without electricity.

Portugal vs Uruguay
Portugal vs Uruguay

Despite efforts to end the war through negotiation made by America’s top general, the Ukrainian people have remained firm in the face of Russian missile attacks.

At the World Cup, the subject of LGBTQ+ rights in Qatar has also repeatedly come up. LGBTQ+ pride is symbolized by the rainbow.
Two German soccer fans told CNN on Saturday that when travelling to see the France vs. Denmark World Cup game, security personnel requested them to take off the rainbow-colored clothing they were wearing.

Both former Wales captain Laura McAllister and American writer Grant Wahl said last week that security personnel had instructed them to take off any apparel with rainbow-colored designs.

A FIFA spokesman and a senior member of the stadium security staff apologized to Wahl, who claimed he was freed 25 minutes after being arrested.

FIFA pointed CNN to the tournament guidebook when the organization was questioned about the appropriate attire for spectators. The handbook reads that “expats and visitors are allowed to wear the apparel of their choice, as long as it is modest and respectful to the culture.”

According to the Welsh Football Association, FIFA informed the federation on Thursday that rainbow-colored flags and caps would be permitted at World Cup stadiums in Qatar after several Wales fans were also sent away for donning rainbow-colored bucket hats.

The LGBTQ+ regulations of Qatar, which make it unlawful and punishable by up to three years in prison, have drawn condemnation.
In a study that was released last month, Human Rights Watch documented instances of Qatari security forces arbitrarily detaining LGBT individuals and subjecting them to “ill-treatment in detention” as recently as September.

In a statement to CNN last month, the nation added that “our track record has proved that we have cordially welcomed all people regardless of background,” despite insisting that “everyone is welcome” at the competition.

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