James Webb Images Pillars of Creation

James Webb Images Pillars of Creation

James Webb Images: According to NASA, the huge structures of gas and dust packed with stars known as the Pillars of Creation have been photographed by the largest and most powerful satellite telescope in the world.

James Webb Images Pillars of Creation

The gigantic pillars of gold, copper, and brown that stand within the vast Eagle Nebula, 6,500 light years from Earth, have been captured in the first image by the James Webb Space Telescope, according to a statement issued on Wednesday by the US space agency.

The Hubble Space Telescope of NASA took the first image of the Pillars in 1995.

James Webb Images Pillars of Creation

Webb, a more latest telescope that was launched into space less than a year ago, can see through the Pillars’ obscurity to reveal new stars forming because of its infrared capabilities.

Bright red, lava-like spots can be seen at the ends of several Pillars in the Webb photos. NASA stated that they are ejections from former stars that are only a few hundred thousand years old.

It further said that these “young stars periodically fire out supersonic jets that crash with clouds of matter, like these thick pillars.”

According to Klaus Pontoppidan of the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI), “by public demand, we had to do the Pillars of Creation.”

There is simply a tonne of stars! Added Pontoppidan.

Space scientist Amber Straughn simply put it this way on Twitter: “The universe is beautiful!”
The picture was taken by NIRCam, the principal imager on the Webb space telescope, which analyses near-infrared wavelengths that are invisible to the human eye and has a field of view of almost eight light years.

James Webb Images

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James Webb Images Pillars of Creation

Visible light has been used to “transform” the image’s colors.

The new image, according to NASA, “will aid researchers in revising their models of star formation by detecting far more precise counts of newly formed stars, as well as the quantities of gas and dust in the region.”

Furthermore, they added that “each modern piece of equipment offers researchers new details about this region, which is practically overflowing with stars.”

The most powerful space telescope ever built, Webb has been in operation since July and has already released a raft of unprecedented data. The goal is that it will herald a new era of discovery.

James Webb Images

James Webb Images Pillars of Creation

The study of the star-life cycle is the main goal of the $10 billion telescope. Exoplanets, or planets outside Earth’s solar system, are another important subject of study.

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