Maitland Ward Boy Meets World

Maitland Ward Boy Meets World defends her adult film career

Maitland Ward Boy Meets World: Maitland Ward, a Boy Meets World star, discusses her choice to leave traditional Hollywood for the adult film industry.

Maitland Ward Boy Meets World

Maitland Ward, a 44-year-old former Boy Meets World actor, opened up about her work as an adult film star.

From 1998 until the show’s conclusion in 2000, Ward played Rachel McGuire, the roommate and crush of both Eric Matthews (Will Friedle) and Jack Hunter (Matthew Lawrence) on the ABC sitcom.

Ward claimed in an interview with Us Weekly that her former comedy co-stars haven’t given her any unfavorable criticism. According to Ward in an interview with Us Weekly, Friedle was “very kind” when he last spoke with him.

Maitland Ward Boy Meets World

He was expressing his support for me while stressing that he wouldn’t watch anything.
With the publication of his book Rated X: How Porn Liberated Me From Hollywood in 2019.

Cinema to the Porn

Ward made the switch from mainstream television and cinema to the porn business. Ward is the first-ever billboard celebrity for Vixen Media Group, a Los Angeles-based adult film production company.

This project for the Muse 2 that we worked on is actually the second season of a series for Deeper, which combines mainstream and porn, said Maitland. “In Hollywood, close to the Oscars, we have a billboard. That’s why it’s so exciting.

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It’s a really significant event for me because, well, Hollywood I felt as though Hollywood was pushing me out because of my typecasting. I was simply instructed that I could perform in a certain kind and do a certain thing in Hollywood.”

Maitland Ward Boy Meets World in Interview

Maitland Ward Boy Meets World in Interview: In the interview, Ward also mentioned that her decision to transition from mainstream television to adult films was influenced by the fact that she would “always” be typecast as the “sitcom girl, next door, soccer mom.”

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“I wanted to stand out and do something really new. And I’ve been able to do it by using Deeper and doing it in porn “She spoke. “And I find it amazing that my appearance on a billboard was due to my porn job. It is what has led to my landing some of my best acting roles to date.

Maitland Ward Boy Meets World

I wouldn’t have achieved the level of celebrity I have now if I had simply followed conventional Hollywood’s wishes.”
Ward is open to the idea of the complete Boy Meets World cast getting back together and thinks it “would be fun.” She stated: “Fans frequently express the desire for a whole reunion special that would be separate from Girl Meets World. Just the old cast, that is.”

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