Russian court upholds Brittney Griner's 9-year prison sentence

Russian court upholds Brittney Griner’s 9-year prison sentence

Brittney Griner’s 9 years prison sentence: The star basketball player from Texas requested a sentence with suspension. Her release is being demanded by the White House.

Russian court upholds Brittney Griner’s 9-year prison sentence

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Following a court case that a White House official called a “sham,” a Russian court upheld Brittney Griner’s 9-year sentence to a Russian penal colony on Tuesday.

In February, Griner was arrested in a Moscow airport after officials found cannabis oil and vape canisters in her luggage. However, it took until March for news of her detainment to reach the United States.

Russian court upholds Brittney Griner's 9-year prison sentence

She admitted to bringing drugs into the country illegally. She was given a nine-year prison term by a Russian court in August.

According to several news sources, Griner’s attorney requested a suspended sentence in Tuesday’s appeal but stated they weren’t looking for any “miracles.”

According to a report from The New York Times published on Tuesday, unless the Biden administration negotiates Griner’s release, she will soon start serving her sentence as a result of the court’s ruling. Cherelle Griner, Griner’s wife, had voiced concern about that prospect earlier this month.

More About Brittney Griner

She might be transferred to a labour camp after the hearing is conducted and the decision is made, Cherelle Griner said earlier this month. “My mind simply cannot believe it.

Brittney Griner, who has been playing professionally in Russia since 2014, has been jailed for several months. The White House has been attempting to gain her release. Despite having a medicinal marijuana prescription in Arizona, the WNBA player cannot possess any amount of marijuana in Russia.

Russian court upholds Brittney Griner's 9-year prison sentence

The length of her sentence, according to experts, seems politically motivated.

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Concerns also exist regarding Griner’s treatment in Russia, a nation famed for its persecution of homosexuals, as well as the famously harsh conditions of its prisons.

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan underlined in a statement the White House’s stance that Griner ought to be released right away.

The Biden-Harris administration has continued to communicate with Russia in recent weeks via all channels possible, and it has made every attempt to bring Brittney home.

It has also supported and advocated for other Americans jailed in Russia, including fellow wrongful detainee Paul Whelan.

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