Who is Prahlad Modi?

Who is Prahlad Modi? PM Modi’s brother meets with a car accident

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The younger brother of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Prahlad Modi, was hurt in a car accident on Tuesday, December 27.

According to accounts, he and his son, daughter-in-law, and grandson were traveling to Bandipur in a Mercedes Benz when it collided with a road barrier in Mysore, Karnataka.

Who is Prahlad Modi?

Despite the fact that Prahlad Modi and his family were admitted to JSS Hospital for treatment, it is thought that they only had minor wounds and are now safe.

Who is Prahlad Modi?

PM Narendra Modi’s younger brother is named Prahlad. He is the fourth child born to Hira Ben Modi and Damodardas Modi. He is the vice president of the 2001-founded All India Fair Price Shop Dealers Federation. His recent hartal in Jantar Mantar garnered national attention.

Prahlad Modi has voiced his opposition to a number of measures taken by the Narendra Modi-led Central Government. He used to own a ration store in Ahmedabad, but due to his advanced age, he had to resign. His newly established association had recently voiced its opposition and demanded compensation for the loss of rice, wheat, and sugar, which are offered by retailers at fair prices.

Who is Prahlad Modi?
Who is Prahlad Modi?

Since Narendra Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat, Prahlad Modi has been holding these protests. Even after being elected prime minister, Narendra Modi persisted in questioning governmental actions.

The oldest of Prahalad Modi’s four brothers, Somabhai Modi, is succeeded by Amrit Modi. Narendra Modi is in third place, followed by Prahlad and Pankaj Modi. Amrit Modi is a former technician for lathe machines. Pankaj Modi is a clerk with the information division of the Gujarati government.

Prahlad Modi has frequently been questioned about his opinions on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his brother. He has disclosed that from 2006 to 2014, he only had three meetings with Prime Minister Modi. He also acknowledged that he hasn’t spoken to him once since he took the PM’s seat.

Even though the brothers don’t talk or interact as much, Prahlad revealed in an interview that they get along well. Prahlad admits that PM Modi has sacrificed his life for the good of the country. He also stated that, aside from the security precautions, being the PM’s younger brother had never given him any advantages.

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