Who was Andrew Watson and who was featured on yesterday's Google Doodle?

Who was Andrew Watson and who was featured on yesterday’s Google Doodle?

Andrew Watson: The Google Doodle from yesterday, which could be viewed on the search engine’s home page, featured a historical figure in Scottish and international football.

Who was Andrew Watson and who was featured on yesterday’s Google Doodle?

Most people agree that Andrew Watson is the first black football player to ever compete on the international football.

Watson entered the field for the Scottish football team Queen’s Park on October 18, 1884, in the first match at the new Hampden Park stadium. A wealthy Scottish businessman and a Guyanese woman gave birth to Watson in Georgetown, Guyana, in 1856.

Watson and his father relocated to Britain when Watson was five years old. Football, which would later become Andrew’s most famous sport, was becoming more and more popular there.

Watson founded his own wholesale business at the age of 21 and started playing football on the side.

He made an impression as a full back at Queen’s Park, and because to his work experience as a wholesaler, he also served as the club’s secretary.

Watson was selected to play for Scotland against England in March 1881 after his club won the league title. He led the team, becoming the first black player to captain Scotland, to a 6-1 victory over their southern rivals.

Andrew Watson

Who was Andrew Watson and who was featured on yesterday's Google Doodle?

After that, Watson played for clubs on both sides of the border for the remainder of his 14-year football career. He was a pioneering football player for Scotland who went on to win all three of his games against England.

Watson gained recognition for his many “firsts” throughout the football world, but particularly with the Scottish Football Association.

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He was admitted to the Scottish Football Hall of Fame in 2012. The amazing life and career of Andrew Watson have been brought to light thanks to thorough research using the National Records of Scotland.

Who was Andrew Watson?

Watson, who was born in Georgetown, Guyana, in 1856, is thought to be the first black person to have played in international association football.

He was born in a wealthy family that moved to Britain, where football was increasing in popularity.

Who was Andrew Watson and who was featured on yesterday's Google Doodle?

When Watson was a student at public schools in Yorkshire and Wimbledon, he showed an interest in the game.
When Watson’s father passed away at the age of 19, he inherited his wealth and became financial independence.

He enrolled in the University of Glasgow to study his interests in math, engineering, and natural philosophy. But Watson, at 21 years old, had other goals, so instead of getting his degree, he began a wholesale warehouse while still playing football on the side.

After Jessie Nimmo Armour passed away in 1877, Watson remarried to Eliza Kate Tyler in 1887. From each of his marriages, he had four kids: Rupert, Agnes, Henry, and Phyllis.

At the age of 64, Watson passed away from pneumonia in London on March 8, 1921. He stopped playing football 11 years before he passed away.

His grave is located at Richmond Cemetery.

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