Farm Worker Hiring In Canada

Farm Worker Hiring In Canada

Farm Worker Hiring In Canada: The farming industry in Canada is one of the most important sectors of our economy. It generates over $20 billion in revenue each year and employs nearly 800,000 people. But this is a very competitive industry and finding qualified workers can be difficult.

A group of young farmers from Ontario has launched a campaign to bring farm workers to Canada. The group is trying to raise $1.5 million to help pay for the costs of hiring seasonal workers in Canada, including airfare, housing, and food for the workers.

Responsibilities Of Farm Worker Hiring In Canada

To be a farm worker in Canada, you must be able to perform heavy work such as lifting, carrying, pulling, pushing, and lifting heavy objects. You also must be able to work outdoors in all kinds of weather conditions. You will be required to wear protective equipment such as safety boots, coveralls, and a hard hat.

Requirements Of Farm Worker hiring In Canada 

  1. Must be 18 years old
  2. Must have a high school diploma or equivalent
  3. Must pass a drug test
  4. Must pass a background check
  5. Must have a valid social insurance number
  6. Must be able to work in the cold, heat, rain, snow, and sun
  7. Must have a clean driving record
  8. Must have a valid passport
  9. Must be able to speak, read, and write English
  10. Must be willing to work 40 hours per week
  11. Must be willing to travel
  12. Must have a valid visa or permanent resident status
  13. Must be willing to work overtime
  14. Must have a valid work permit
  15. Must have a valid driver’s license
  16. Must be willing
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Benefits Of Farm Worker hiring In Canada  

One of the major benefits of farmworkers in Canada is that it provides a way for young people to make money on the side. It also provides them with a way to stay close to the land and their families. Another benefit of farmworkers in Canada is that they get to work with nature. They get to interact with the animals and enjoy the fresh air. And, they get to learn how to take care of themselves.

How To Apply For Farm Working In Canada

  1. Fill out the form online.
  2. Wait for your application to be processed.
  3. If you’re accepted, you’ll be contacted by a representative from the farm to arrange a tour and job interview.
  4. The farm will pay you $12/hour, plus the cost of your transportation to and from the farm.
  5. The job consists of picking fruit, vegetables, and flowers.
  6. You’ll be working outdoors, so you need to bring a hat, sunscreen, and a bottle of water

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