According to a friend, Bruce Willis is having "very difficult times"

Bruce Willis is having “very difficult times” according to a friend,

Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone were once practically joined at the hip, but the “Tulsa King” actor claimed he hadn’t spoken to Willis much since the “Expendables” actor was diagnosed with aphasia.

According to a friend, Bruce Willis is having “very difficult times” with his aphasia says Sylvester Stallone

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter that was published on Monday, Stallone stated, “Bruce Willis is going through some really, very difficult times.” “So he’s kind of been cut off from us.”

The “Rocky” actor continued, “It kills me” and “it’s really terrible” not to talk to Willis.
Stallone’s remarks came months after Rumer Willis, the actress’ daughter, revealed in March that Willis had been diagnosed with the cognitive disorder and would be giving up performing.

The National Aphasia Association describes aphasia as an acquired communication impairment that affects language processing but not IQ.

Stallone posted photos of their friendship over the years on his Instagram page to show support after learning that Willis had been diagnosed with aphasia.

Stallone captioned his March tweet, “We go back a long way, hope for the best for you and your amazing family.”
The Times noted shortly after the startling disclosure that Bruce Willis had shown signs of degeneration in recent years. He struggled to recall his lines, according to the filmmakers he collaborated with, and he was unable to act out action scenes.

According to a friend, Bruce Willis is having "very difficult times"

Director Mike Burns of “Out of Death” commented, “After the first day of working with Bruce Willis, I could see it firsthand and I recognized that there was a greater issue at stake here and why I had been asked to reduce his lines.”

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Willis’ illness may have put an end to his acting career, but the actor is still using his talent in other capacities.

Willis and musician Derek Richard Thomas can be seen in a video that was posted by the actor’s wife, Emma Heming Willis, in August.

Heming Willis wrote in the description of her Instagram image, “Their talent is speaking for itself.
Stallone also discussed his marriage to Jennifer Flavin and his conflict with “Rocky” producer Irwin Winkler in other parts of his Hollywood Reporter interview. Flavin filed for divorce in August, but they have since made up.

According to Stallone, who spoke to THR, “hopefully, you’re connected with individuals who appreciate the foibles of life, the fragility of it, and how uncommon a truly good relationship is.” “There are moments when I put work over [my family], and that is a tragic mistake that won’t happen again.”

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