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Jesse Rutherford, Billie Eilish’s boyfriend, “really inspired” her

Jesse Rutherford: For the first time ever, Billie Eilish has openly discussed her relationship with boyfriend Jesse Rutherford.

Jesse Rutherford, Billie Eilish’s boyfriend, “really inspired” her

In October, the frontman of the band The Neighbourhood, Jesse, was seen kissing the Happier Than Ever singer, 20, and later that month, for Halloween, they declared their relationship public on Instagram. Soon later, they appeared on the red carpet together for the first time at the LACMA Art + Film Gala while dressed in identical Gucci ensembles.

For the first time, Billie acknowledged she was the one who chased Jesse in her sixth straight time capsule interview with Vanity Fair.

Regarding her relationship, she remarked, “It’s pretty cool, and I’m extremely delighted and happy about it.” “I was able to progress in my life to the point where I was not only recognised by the man I believed to be the hottest f..king fker alive, but also pulled his a! We’re kidding, right? Can we please give me a round of applause? I appreciate it everything, Jesse Rutherford. I grabbed his behind. All me. That is what I did. I restrained that motherfker.”

billie eilish
billie eilish

The singer for Bad Guy then revealed that she values “physical touch” in relationships greatly.

“I simply have to constantly touch skin. Anything skin-related, including touching, embracing, and cuddling, is really important to me “She spoke up. “Aside from that, I would also like freedom, the ability to be trusted, the ability to have space, and love and attention.

Being admired equally is crucial. It’s extremely nice because both this individual and I are really inspiring to each other.”
Following the publication of the “Same Interview, The Sixth Year” video by Vanity Fair on Monday, Billie declared they would no longer take place annually.

She posted on Instagram Stories, “Gonna be the final VF video for a while.” “I’m going to keep making one a year, but I’m going to hold them and release them every few years… I love you all so much.”

Eilish continued by saying that Rutherford inspires her and vice versa.

She said, “It’s pretty great.

Eilish has taken part in a yearly interview with the magazine for the past six years, which has kind of become a tradition.

She added of the yearly conversations, “They mean so much to me.

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