Loona Chuu Speaks Up 1st Time

Loona Chuu Speaks Up 1st Time Since Being Removed From LOONA

Loona Chuu speaks up 1st time: After being fired from LOONA by her old agency BlockBerry Creative, She has publicly expressed her concerns.

The termination of Chuu from LOONA was revealed earlier on November 25 by BlockBerryCreative, who cited “violent language and misuse of power” toward a staff member as their justification.

Loona Chuu Personally Speaks Up For The 1st Time Since Being Removed From LOONA

On November 28, the agency issued a follow-up statement in which it clarified that the initial announcement had not been intended as an exposé and that she and the staff members’ rights to convey the truth or supporting evidence had been violated.

The following evening on November 28, Chuuu spoke out for the first time since being let go from LOONA on her personal Instagram account. Check out what she said below:
Greetings, I’m Chuu.

We much appreciate your compassion and consolation.

I’m currently understanding the issue because I haven’t heard from anyone about this series of events or know anything about them, but I’m confident that I haven’t done anything that would embarrass my followers. I’ll make another remark once I’ve settled on my stance in the future.

Loona Chuu Speaks Up 1st Time

I sincerely appreciate your compassion and belief in me.

On November 28, it was also mentioned that nine LOONA members—HeeJin, HaSeul, YeoJin, Kim Lip, JinSoul, Choerry, Yves, Go Won, and Olivia Hye—had filed injunctions asking for the validity of their exclusive contracts with BlockBerryCreative to be stopped. The organization later refuted the reports.


Chuu requested an injunction to end her contract with BlockBerryCreative in December of last year. she was expelled from the group, as was previously reported, by the agency, which asserted that there had been a case of power abuse. According to rumours, Chuu has contracted with BY4M Studio, a new management firm, to handle her future endeavours.

BY4M Studio is a content and entertainment company that focuses on offering media material across all platforms, despite the fact that it has not yet issued an official statement.
All of this happens after Chuu left LOONA, having been expelled by BlockBerryCreative for abusing her position of power with the workforce.

As they criticized the agency’s bad choice and lack of management of the artist, many fans came out in favor of Chuuu. The future of the girl group LOONA is still unknown, but we are hopeful that it will be settled quickly.

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